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Out Of The Ashes

By Zig Ziglar

Many times disasters and/or tragedies spawn incredible accomplishments and enormous progress. A tornado in August of 1883 devastated Rochester, Minnesota, and yet from those ashes came the world-famous Mayo Clinic. According to Daniel J. Murphy in a recent article in The Investors Daily, “Mother Alfred Moes, the founder of the Sisters of St. Francis, brought her untrained nuns to assist in nursing those who had been injured in the tornado. While there, she convinced the leading town doctor to head an unbuilt hospital she would raise funds to construct. That physician and surgeon’s name was William Worral Mayo and the hospital, St. Mary’s, was forerunner to and still affiliated with the world-famous Mayo Clinic.”

In the early part of this century, the boll weevil devastated Southern cotton crops, hitting particularly hard in South Alabama. The disaster was a wake-up call for the need to diversify. The farmers of that area started raising peanuts, soy beans, corn, sorghum, fresh vegetables, etc. The economy improved so much that the local residents of Enterprise, Alabama, actually built a monument to the boll weevil in the center of town.

In my own life a seeming disaster was a blessing in disguise. I was quickly approaching the publication date for my first book, See You At The Top, when my gallbladder ruptured. Unable to travel, my formerly heavy speaking schedule dried up for 22 days. During 19 of those 22 days I was able to work ten to twelve hours a day while lying in bed or sitting quietly in a chair. Had I not had those hours, the book definitely would not have met the deadline.

Message: When disaster strikes, ask the question, what good can come of it? In many cases, you’ll discover that a temporary disaster can turn into long-term gain. Think about it and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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