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He Couldn’t sing so he Whittled

Antonio was a lad who lived in Cremona, Italy, during the 17th century.  Cremona was a musical town where great acclaim was bestowed on those who could sing or play.  Unfortunately, although Antonio wanted recognition for his musical talents, his friends called him “squeaky voice” when he tried to sing.  He tried to play the piano and the violin, but his skills were limited.

As Antonio walked through the streets of Cremona with his friends, he listened to their . . . Read More

Listing Presentations

Business Planning for 2013

Build a road map to where you want to go.

Real Estate Con Man

Gregor MacGregor Real Estate Con Man.

There have been plenty of movies that followed the exploits of low-level con men and swindlers, but none on the level of Gregor MacGregor, a Scottish impostor who actually managed to convince the upper crust of England that he was the Prince of a fictional country.

Gregor MacGregor started out as a soldier of fortune in Latin America, at turns fighting both for and against the armies of Portugal and Spain in Central . . . Read More

Absorption Rate Training Session with Ray

Training Testimonial from Debbie Steven’s Session

Training Testimonials from Andrew Bracewell’s Session

Giants Come in All Sizes

By Zig Ziglar

In today’s world the typical college basketball player is so tall they can look a giraffe eyeball-to-eyeball.  For that reason, Keith Braswell, standing just four feet, eleven and one-half inches tall, making the Dayton University basketball team is little short of unbelievable.  He’s the shortest player in the school’s history by two-and-a-half inches.  This Flyers’ player looks up to Muggsy Bogues who is all of five feet three and plays in the NBA for the Charlotte . . . Read More

Overcoming Objections in Real Estate

Ray Yenkana shares an intro to one of our training sessions. See more at our meetup group!

Education is Important

By Zig Ziglar

Surely no responsible person in today’s society would deny the value of an education!  The statistical data is overwhelming.  There is a direct correlation between the amount of education you have and your income.  While there are exceptions to that rule, by and large it holds true.

Suppose your formal education is over, what can you do to continue the growth and learning processes?  I’m going to make three suggestions that will make a substantial difference . . . Read More