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Real Estate As A Career

When most people consider a career in Real Estate, they soon realize that this is not like putting eight hours in at a job. One of the fears that arises is; “Where will I get business”, “Who will want to buy homes from me”, and “Who will be my Real Estate guru”.

What if, this whole process could be demystified?And, what if, there was a systematic plan with daily activities, monthly activities, quarterly activities, and annually activities that created a steady flow of Real Estate business and referrals, from both past and new associates?

This is the cornerstone of our training program at RE/MAX Little Oak Realty. In conjunction with leveraging the world’s greatest Real Estate brand awareness and a proven business format system, our RE/MAX agents rise to the top.

Grow Your Business

Referrals! Referrals! Referrals!

The RE/MAX Referral Program has proved to be many times more successful than any other referral system in North America. Full-time quality Associates sending leads directly to other full-time quality Associates provide better service for customers and extra income for themselves.

Career Nights

Every month we have an opportunity to take a look at the real estate business and what is involved in becoming a realtor.  Come to one of our Career Nights and learn more about real estate as a career.  You will get an information package as well as a 1 hour overview of the business.

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RE/MAX Conventions

Attendees share professional recognition and secrets of success with the industry’s top producers. They enjoy internationally known speakers in premier convention cities such as Orlando, Las Vegas, and San Diego.

Global Growth

With nearly 6,400 offices on 6 continents in 84 countries, RE/MAX is one of the fastest-growing real estate franchise networks on the planet. Greater reach and greater name recognition lead to greater synergy.

Many of the Top Realtors in RE/MAX Little Oak credit referrals from other RE/MAX realtors for a large percentage of their commissions! They never miss an opportunity to attend a convention or sales rally offered by RE/MAX!

The RE/MAX Satellite Network’s popular coaching series is back for a 7th year in 2010! An average of more than 7,500 Associates and guests view each of the monthly broadcasts, which offer the type of top-notch business coaching that is revolutionizing the real estate industry. This high-energy series of programs represents the best of RSN. Every speaker provides at least one concept that you can put into action the next day to improve your life or your business!

View some of the Coaching and Training Programs

What Our Realtors Have to Say About Our Training

Money Seminar: Things I should have heard and should have learned years ago.
– Dan Keeley

Money Seminar: Another skill to have in adding value to my real estate services.
– Rick Arnau

Social Networking: Very informative & worthwhile
– John Corrie

Negotiation: Great direction for success in closing.
– Jim Giesbrecht

Negotiation: It’s encouraged me to try new methods rather than my tried and true.
– Dave Verwoerd

Negotiation: An awesome way to acquire necessary skills for our business.
– Andrew Bracewell

Absorption Rate: Great information – how to make yourself stand out from the competition.
-Steve Middleton

Absorption Rate: This is the kind of course that will make money for you.
-Richard Friesen

Listing Presentation: Great information, very useful and adaptable for any realtor.
-Alan Hamilton

Business Planning: In this marketplace, this is a must attend workshop.
-Tom O’Hara

Business Planning: A great refresher and focus for the start of the New Year.
-Lianna Donnelly

Business Planning: Another exceptional and motivating seminar.
-Sandy Ennis