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Get to Work on Your Business Network.

Get More Information FREEYour business network is a priceless resource that can bring you great success if you constantly work to grow and cultivate it. Like a client database, a business network can provide you with valuable referrals that you can turn into profitable transactions.

A successful business network also allows you to become a trusted advisor to your clients. When clients ask you to recommend a reliable mechanic or contractor, there is a good chance that they will think of you first when someone they know needs to buy or sell a home.

If worked properly, your network can generate a whopping 10 to 20% return annually. Translated, this could mean that 10 to 20% of your client base will either refer you to someone else or do business with you every year. Crunch the numbers and see if it doesn’t make sense to be in touch with them monthly!

This month’s Item of Value is about how to build and maintain your business network. I have included tips for how to add business owners to your network, where to go to meet like-minded professionals and how to become a trusted advisor to your clients.

On the reverse side, you will find a guide to help sort your business contacts into appropriate groups, as well as a worksheet to list the professionals involved in a typical real estate transaction. This is designed to help you build your business network and directory so you can be the hub of your client database.

I’m here to help you make the most of your business network!




Ray Yenkana, RE/MAX Realtor

Ray Yenkana
RE/MAX Little Oak Realty


Oh, by the way … when you come across other great agents like yourself or people who are thinking of getting into the real estate industry, give me a call, 604-614-7653, with their name and business number. I will be happy to share with them how they can benefit from our office environment and training programs.

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