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How to Drive Traffic to Your Open House

How to Drive Traffic to Your Open House

I always found that having an open house requires two main activities:

  1. Most obvious, the activity of sitting at the open house and interacting with prospective buyers is required. Most consider this to be enough effort put into hosting an open house; however, it isn’t.
  2. You must also focus on activities to drive traffic to your open house. For many years, I had an open house every week. I would run an ad in the local paper the week before. If the open house was on a Saturday, I would then hand-deliver 50 invitations to the surrounding neighbours on the Friday before.

This door-knocking activity allowed me the opportunity to interact with the neighbours. This single activity helped build my prospect list by over 100 qualified prospects every year. Ten percent of who ended up listing with me on an annual basis.

The open house is a great tool for interacting with the neighbourhood. So why not use it as such?

In some of our training, we break this activity down into many scripts to help you build your business.

The right scripts in this arena are the difference in making this a worthwhile business activity.

For more information plese see the link below.

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