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Real Estate Con Man

Gregor MacGregor Real Estate Con Man.

There have been plenty of movies that followed the exploits of low-level con men and swindlers, but none on the level of Gregor MacGregor, a Scottish impostor who actually managed to convince the upper crust of England that he was the Prince of a fictional country.

Gregor MacGregor started out as a soldier of fortune in Latin America, at turns fighting both for and against the armies of Portugal and Spain in Central America and Florida. When he returned to Europe in 1820, MacGregor launched an audacious moneymaking scheme by announcing that while in the tropics he had been put in control of a small (and absolutely fictional) country he referred to as Poyais. He claimed the nation to be quite modern and friendly to Europeans and even produced hand-drawn maps and a copy of their constitution to back up his story. Soon, the charming and flamboyant MacGregor was the toast of London. Lavish parties were frequently held in his honor and he managed to ingratiate himself to many nobles, including the Mayor, by promising them bogus positions in the government of Poyais. MacGregor shifted his con into high gear when he started selling plots of land in Poyais to unsuspecting settlers and raising money for a colony from investors. When the dust cleared, MacGregor had made off with thousands and two ships worth of settlers had arrived in Central America to find that Poyais was nothing but a tall tale.

It may be tempting to consider a con, but in the real world customers are looking for career realtors. When you learn how to develop a stream of leads, or a lead generation system, you can put fantasies away. In our weekly Meetups we learn the secrets of the top agents, and you can as well.

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