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Social networkers spent a total of 49.4 billion minutes on Facebook in 2010.

Get More Information FREEThe amount of time people spent on Facebook increased by a whopping 79% and surpassed all other web properties during the last year. Are you leveraging this powerful tool to enhance your professional image and build a more successful business, or are you simply wasting more of your precious time?

This month I have sent a thought-provoking resource called “Transform Facebook from a Time Waster to a Money Maker.” It explains how you can use Facebook to communicate effectively with the people in your community who already know and like you.

If you become a valuable resource for the members of your social network, you will be in the best position to receive more of their referrals and ultimately make more money. Remember that if you ever need anything, I am here to help.




Ray Yenkana, RE/MAX Realtor

Ray Yenkana
RE/MAX Little Oak Realty


Oh, by the way … when you come across other great agents like yourself or people who are thinking of getting into the real estate industry, give me a call, 604-614-7653, with their name and business number. I will be happy to share with them how they can benefit from our office environment and training programs.

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