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The 3 Secrets of a successful Real Estate Business.

The  3 secrets of real estate sales are Prospecting, Presenting and developing Systems.


The lifeblood of most real estate professionals is to develop prospecting systems. An example of this would be when you list a home, go door knocking to the five to ten homes around your new listing. Get the individual’s information and add it to your database. If you do this continuously, you will create a steady stream of business.


One of the major jobs of being a real estate professional is making presentations. Whether it be one-on-one presentations or buyer/seller seminars, honing your presentations skills is key. Practice and improve your presentation skills by enrolling in some presentation training. This is major skill that must be developed and grown.


Success is developed by using tried and proven systems. It is important to develop systems for everything you do. For example, have a kit (with supplies) ready at all times in your vehicle. This way if you have listed a new home, as previously mentioned, you have a brochure or other marketing piece ready that you can use when door knocking. Or, you have a listing amendment form; in case, that quick coffee meeting with your client turns into a decision to do a price change on their listing.  Whatever it may be, you need to have systems in place for service (your listing or buyer) and for prospecting. It is fundamental to be system-driven.

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