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Using Strategy to Lead Buyers to Buy

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Delivering excellent service to your buyers is a quick and easy way to get future referrals. If you approach the process in a proactive and strategic manner, buyers are likely to refer you to friends and family as well as rely on you to sell their homes one day.

This month, the information I’m sending will help you work with buyers more effectively. The first page provides an overview of the two most common approaches used when working with buyers—reactionary and strategic. Page two outlines the strategic approach, including tips to help you incorporate it into your dealings with buyers.

Taking a strategic approach to working with buyers will help to ensure future referrals. Please remember, your success is my top priority, and I am always here to help.

Remember, your success is my top priority, and I am here to help.



Ray Yenkana, RE/MAX Realtor

Ray Yenkana
RE/MAX Little Oak Realty


Oh, by the way … when you come across other great agents like yourself or people who are thinking of getting into the real estate industry, give me a call, 604-614-7653, with their name and business number. I will be happy to share with them how they can benefit from our office environment and training programs.

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